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Housenote Custom Moodboard


Our moodboards focus on one room in your house, however by applying the colourscheme and general look and feel throughout your home you can achieve a very cohesive look and feel throughout!!


Sometimes all you need for a new interior project is a little help with the vision. We prepare custom moodboards that help you visualise a room’s colour schemes, furniture, finish and décor selection. Our moodboards create a room by visually pulling together all of the furniture, finishes, colours and décor so you can get a feel for the end result before spending up big on new furniture. It’s a great way to ensure your furniture and décor budget really does stand the test of time. Housenote’s Moodboards come with a complete shopping list of products priced within your budget from suppliers located near you or online. Custom boards are currently offered at an introductory rate of $260.