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Housenote Scandinavian Family Room
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Housenote Interior Design has posted its first public Moodboard – a Scandinavian family room with a colourful twist.

‘Scandinavian living often attaches of connotations of subdued colours mixed with a juxtaposing display of clean lines, sleek minimalistic furnishings and rustic finishes, explained Housenote’s founder Leah Clarke. With Housenote’s first moodboard post, we’ve altered the brief. We’ve created a modern, light, fun and energetic family room that speaks to the sleek, simple lines of a Scandinavian home, and yet by using a bright complementary colour scheme, it still imbues the warmth and atmosphere a young family would thrive in.

‘When we create a moodboard we keep mood, purpose and people in mind. Who will use the space? What activities will they engage in? And how would they like to feel in this space?  This room has been designed with a young family in mind. The hub of a home, a family room is expected to be a hive of activity. Meals, conversation, games, homework – this a place it could all happen.

Housenote selected a complementary colour scheme using orange and blue as key accents to create the desired mood for this room. The aim was to create an active and fun space, that can also be also calming and supportive. The blues used throughout this scheme have been toned down with a touch of grey. This has the effect of muting the blue shades, which in turn allows the saturated oranges to jump out in playful interaction with occupants.

‘The warmth of orange is thought to create happiness. It combines the stimulation and energy of red with the cheerfulness of yellow to create optimism and vitality. Combined with fun prints and décor pieces, the orange used in this room is intended to inject feelings of joy, optimism and enthusiasm into daily family life. ‘It is also expected to create an element of fun for young children’, said Leah.

Housenote has balanced the strong orange hues with dusty tones of blue. ‘Where orange is a loud colour, blue is quiet. Where orange is very warm, blue is cool. Blue is a colour that inspires peace and tranquillity, so when all of the family fun has been had, the blue tones in the room may help young ones settle by creating a sense of calmness,’ continued Leah.

The warm oranges in the timber furniture selected give depth to this colour scheme and bring in natural elements which are fundamental to Scandinavian interior design. Contrasted against stark white walls that are softened with a hint of grey, these colour accents are expected to have a significant impact on the mood of the room. By balancing the warmth, joy and positive energy of orange with the calming influence of shaded blue, the room, while having a fun and friendly energy, remains grounded and supportive.

A Scandinavian style was chosen to give a youthful, modern feel to the room that seeks to optimize light and space.

‘To maintain an open, airy feel, we selected furniture with low and fine lines,’ said Leah. This maximizes the amount of negative or unused space in the room while still serving the necessary functions of an active family room.’

Large scale furniture has been avoided and décor has been purposefully kept to a minimum. Again, the emphasis is on space and filling a space with large furnishings and excessive décor can make it appear smaller. By maintaining the appearance of space and openness, the room becomes almost fluid in nature, encouraging occupants to move around, to converse, to engage and to remain active. While the room has two clearly demarcated spaces: the dining space and the sitting space, it has been purposefully designed to create an overarching feeling of unity. Simply being in this room makes you a part of the family unit therein.

While strong, low-lying horizontal lines give the room a sense of space and a casual confidence, they are softened by the curved lines in the curtains, chairs, pendant lights, rug and coffee table. These flowing, curved lines have been incorporated to enhance the fluidity of the room, directing attention to all areas of the space rather than one focal point. This is a room where it would not be rude to happily call out from end to the other and engage with occupants enjoying different activities in the space.

Purposeful repetitions of lines and shapes have been introduced through items such as the diagonal lines of chair, dining table and coffee table legs and the diagonal lamp. The intent is bring a sense of rhythm and balance into the room. The log coffee table serves a similar purpose, repeating the circular pattern found in the rug in a not so subtle fashion.

‘The playful nature of the lines and shapes the in curtain fabric, which is aptly named ‘Flirt’, epitomise what this room is all about – light-hearted playfulness and fun. There is no single point of emphasis within the room but rather the emphasis is on people and the way in which they are inspired to engage.’ explained Leah

‘Being an active hub within the home, a living room is bound to receive a lot of wear and tear, continued Leah. ‘When we select furniture for a moodboard we consider its usage and consider things such as fabric durability and washability before making our final selections. We also keep cost considerations in mind. Furniture purchased for a young family is likely to become quite worn over time so a family room may not be the place to showcase one’s prize possessions.’

An informal room, this room uses a mixture of symmetry and asymmetry to create of sense order within disorder, which is what family life is often about. The room invites fun and frivolity, but not without sense and measure. The dining area uses symmetry while the sitting area is more asymmetrical, balancing furnishings on perceived weights to create an overall harmonious feel.

The Cockatoo art work selected for this room is an original work by emerging Australian Artist, Cat Lee, who is represented by Art Pharmacy. Art Pharmacy is an online gallery that selects and sells the work of emerging Australian artists. It aims to make affordable art more accessible while supporting local artists.


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