Introducing Housenote Moodboards

If you’re looking for inspiration when it comes to a room makeover, a Housenote moodboard might be just the thing.

‘Sometimes finding the right furnishings for your home can feel a bit like finding a needle in a haystack,’ said Housenote’s Principal Interior Designer, Leah Clarke. ‘We’re making the search easier by building a bank of interior design mood boards that enable clients to find the look that works for them and easily bring it into reality.’

‘I often see moodboards that showcase the products of just one retailer. This can limit what can be achieved from a design perspective and it also limits budget flexibility,’ continued Leah. ‘When I’m on a really tight budget, I’ll often consider sourcing basic furniture pieces from lower cost suppliers, leaving some room in a budget to purchase one or two high quality items. These become my impact or high visibility items.’

Housenote offers customized moodboards through its interior design service. The interior design firm will also release regular moodboards via its blog. These moodboards will showcase furniture and décor from numerous Australian retailers.

‘When we create moodboards we start by defining the mood and the interior design style we are trying to achieve. The next step, and perhaps the most important, is planning a colour scheme. Colour not only sets the mood for a room, it can impact the sense space, interplay with light and highlight or hide various features, said Leah.

Once the background is set we then scour the country to find just the right furniture and décor pieces to bring the desired mood and style into reality. We could stop there with the hope that our designs would inspire and generate ideas in others. But we’re also keen to help people search the haystack that is the Australian furniture and décor market and connect them with the right retailers.’

Housenote’s moodboards come with a retail directory and complete shopping list of all products profiled in their moodboards. Because all budgets are not born equal, some products displayed in the shopping lists are accompanied with cheaper alternatives to help people achieve the same look at on a smaller budget. The shopping lists attached to Housenote’s published moodboards are available to download free of charge for an introductory six month period.



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