Welcome to Housenote

Welcome to Housenote

Housenote Interior Design has opened its virtual doors to help Australians create homes they never want to leave.

Housenote’s Principal Interior Designer, Leah Clarke believes that creating a beautiful and functional home can significantly impact our quality of life, happiness and well-being.

‘Great interiors can bring great rewards: comfort, ease, luxury, style and status. They can also mean great property values.  said Leah. ‘Housenote has been founded with dual intent: to deliver beautiful and functional interior designs; and to help home owners add real value to their properties.’

According to the team at Housenote, our homes should not only keep us safe and warm but they should embrace us, comfort us, please us and ultimately make us proud. A home should speak to its owners personality, it should give us respite from the fast pace of the world beyond and it should be a place we love coming home to.

‘Creating a dream home can be done with a wide variety of budgets. The key factor is vision,’ said Leah. ‘Housenote has been created to help people create a vision of the home they want and to take the necessary steps to make it a reality.’

Housenote’s Interior Design services include renovation design, finish schedules, moodboards, staging for sale, property purchase advice, decluttering, decorating, colour consultations and shopping trips. Housenote also offers a range of hand selected décor items in its Virtual Showroom for discerning buyers.

‘We have a wide range of services to suite a wide range of budgets and a wide range of needs. Interior design is too often considered a luxury service that might stretch a budget to far. Quality interior design services should honour a budget, no matter how big or small, and help people make the most of their home improvement spend,’ said Leah.

Housenote Interior Design delivers beautiful, functional and affordable interior design services that compliment clients’ personalities and style.


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